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5th November 2019

Turnkey announces partnership with Greenlit to support issuers and investors in sustainable finance & green bond issuance. 


Turnkey, a UN PRI listed and Verdantix award-winning operational sustainability and supply chain risk technology that helps Issuers and Investors alike with managing their ESG risks, impacts & reporting requirements through its advanced, proprietary data-driven analytical technology, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Greenlit Consultancy Sarl, Luxembourg, a provider of sustainable finance support services to Green Issuers and Borrowers, including assistance with green certification and external review, providing independent sustainable directors and acting as listing agent on major EU Stock Exchanges.

Greenlit is a frontrunner in Sustainable Finance services with a strong focus on the European market and its EU Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth. By becoming Turnkey’s representative, Turnkey will further expand its’ footprint and technology implementation to key European Financial Institutions, LPs/GPs, Private Equity, Stock Exchanges and Issuers.

‘Having Turnkey Group as our partner will allow us to extend our services range to the Fund Industry by including this robust but user-friendly ESG data collecting, tracking & reporting tool that minimises manual workflow while improving profitability and increasing asset value’ says Jackie Geisen, founder of Greenlit.

‘In addition, we will also be able to offer existing and new Green Issuers/Borrowers a performing tool to track use of proceeds allocation, Impact metrics or sustainability linked targets defined in their Green Bond or Loan Framework.’

The partnership stems from an increasing application of Turnkey’s Technology by Issuers and Investors to increase understanding and transparency of the asset investors are financing or the allocation of green bond proceeds. The partnership with Greenlit will drive application of Turnkey’s investors’ ready analytics and reporting according to specific Green Finance Instruments.

On the top of that, companies utilise Corporate and Supply Chain data and live analytics to improve their operational performance, reduce operational costs, and supply chain risks, thus achieving a higher return on investment through increased Sustainability.

To learn more about Turnkey’s Sustainable Finance technology, please here.

For more information about Greenlit, please visit their website.

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