Turnkey launches Sustain-Tech Platform – connecting businesses and their supply chains with investors, advisors, regulators, consultants, stock exchanges and certification bodies.

Turnkey, a UN PRI Listed, Verdantix Smart Innovators Awarded, 2019 Sustainability Management Software Quadrant winner, has built a Platform that connects businesses and their supply chains with investors, advisors, regulators, stock exchanges, certification bodies and other sustainability service providers.

A global leader of operational and supply chain Sustainability Technology, Data Digitalisation and Reporting (Sustain-Tech) to the Public and Private Markets, now provides business owners, managers and investors with live data visibility of their operational cost and supply chain risk position and performance in a way that’s simple, smart and secure. 

For auditors, bankers, investors, stock exchanges and sustainability consultants, Turnkey forges a data & technology trusted relationship with clients through online collaboration, data warehousing, analytics, reporting and enables the opportunity to extend their services/relationship.

The Identified Problem

Underpinning the Sustainable growth and profit of all businesses is effective data digitalisation, data warehousing along with operational and supply chain analytics, planning, reporting and financing. Turnkey understands the principle that operating businesses and their supply chain are highly sensitive to shifts in their costs and risks in their supply chain. The ability to monitor live operational performance and supply chain risk in real-time and plan ahead is crucial. Further to this the need to report both internally and externally to reduce “cost of capital”, reputational risk, win business contracts and comply with ever-increasing regulation is growing exponentially.

The Solution

At its core Turnkey is an easy-to-use,powerful Sustain-Tech SaaS data digitalising, auditing and reporting platform born out of logistics and supply chain. Turnkey provides a growing family of now 13 Environmental, Social & Governance centered modular solutions, both core to Turnkey SaaS and any connected solutions to Turnkey’s platform.

Turnkey provides advanced Sustainability Management Software to help companies and their supply chains digitalise data, manage environmental and social impact, mitigate risk and improve profitability and reporting. Turnkey allows companies to collect, digitalsie, monitor and report on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) in a transparent, consistent and comparative manner.

Advanced analytics and robust reporting tools provide full transparency of data across the entire business and create impactful reports for your stakeholders. The easy and cost-effective ESG data collection process minimises manual workflow and errors. Turnkey operates in multiple industry verticals, with a strong emphasis on companies with complex supply chains and multiple advisors, consultants and stakeholders.

Sustain-Tech (Software as a Service) Platform

Turnkey’s Sustainability Software-as-a-Service business model, where software is hosted securely in the cloud, allows Turnkey to address the large and fragmented operational and supply chain business market. Turnkey releases new features monthly. Additions and extensions to functionality are developed in response to the needs of new customers and new regulations.

Turnkey’s modularised Sustainability Management Software & Supply Chain Risk Platform digitalises Operational Sustainability and Supply Chain Risk data connecting operating businesses and their supply chains with investors, management, advisors, stakeholders, stock exchanges, regulators and certification bodies.

Turnkey’s modularised Sustain-Tech SaaS Platform facilitates boardsmanagers and investors with live position and performance intelligence of their operational cost and supply chain risk in a way that’s simple, smart and secure.

To learn more about Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability & Supply Chain Risk Platform here.