Turnkey Group announces partnership with The Purpose Business to help companies with their sustainability strategy and reporting

Hong Kong — 20 June, 2019 — Turnkey Group is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with The Purpose Business to help businesses achieve environmental, social, governance (ESG) best practice — bringing together Turnkey’s Low Code SaaS RegTech, Enterprise, and E&S Due Diligence Technology Solutions with The Purpose Business’ consulting expertise to manage risks and drive responsible growth.

The Purpose Business is an exclusive network of sustainability consultants dedicated to helping businesses creative positive impact to their value and bottom line. Its team of expert advisors have an unrivalled pedigree in serving some of the biggest Asian and international companies across the full spectrum of sustainability services from strategic planning to large-scale hands-on delivery, emphasising their purpose: to help Asian businesses be a force for good.

The partnership stems from an increasing demand by financial institutions for ESG data to be reported in a consistent, comparable, and meaningful manner.  In this way, institutional investors and private equity firms gain greater transparency across their portfolio companies to assess and manage risks.  Companies are also able to use this data and improve on their operational sustainability efficiencies and cost savings, reputational risks, and achieve a higher return on investment. 

With increasing sustainability regulations and frameworks in place, Turnkey’s technology solutions help companies respond to the demand for quantifiable ESG KPIs.  Using the analytics from Turnkey’s platform, The Purpose Business gathers verifiable data and helps companies identify and articulate their ambition in sustainability and formulate realistic plans to get there.

“Turnkey is delighted to be partnering with The Purpose Business. Combining our analytics with the wide range of valuable services, this partnership will significantly enhance the ability to combine the analytics with consultancy implementation on strategy, which allows clients to have a very broad and competitive sustainability roadmap”,
said Tony Wines, CEO of Turnkey Group Limited.

About Turnkey Group
Turnkey offers a low code SaaS Platform putting Corporates in dynamic control of Operational Sustainability metrics (mapped to all key Sustainability frameworks) throughout their company and its supply chain.  Turnkey’s analytics combine its clients to understand and reduce its cost, isolate and reduce risk – enabling real-time management oversight and external reporting.
Contact: Tony Wines, CEO and Founder, or Marta Bojarzynska, Business Development Manager, Turnkey Group Limited,

About The Purpose Business  (TPB)
The Purpose Business (TPB) is a Hong Kong-based consultancy that helps Asian businesses be a force for good – for society, the environment and their bottom line. TPB’s network of experts provides wholly bespoke sustainability consultancy services to activate purpose within companies and drive responsible growth.
Founded in 2015, TPB is a Hong Kong incorporated, privately-held limited liability company.
Contact: Patricia Dwyer, Founder & Director, or Fiona Donnelly, Business development lead, The Purpose Business,

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