Turnkey has built a flexible, cross-sectoral Health & Safety Module enhancing our Sustain-Tech Sustainability and Risk Platform capabilities. Advanced Health & Safety Module is designed to increase Employee/Customer Safety & Engagement, Reduce Risk and Drive Operational Performance.

Turnkey’s newest module is built for any company looking to improve safety processes, employee wellness and streamline H&S compliance reporting, no matter which industry sector they operate in.

Turnkey’s Health & Safety Module streamlines data collection, analysis, reporting and risk assessment in the following areas:

1. Employee and Customer Safety.

  • Analysis & Live Reporting of multiple accident types
  • Calculation and Analytics on Injury Rates, Fatalities Rates
  • Sector Specific Rates calculations e.g. customer or passenger safety or accident rates

2. Workplace Safety Record.

  • Analysis & Live Reporting of Injury & Lost Day
    – types and categories configurable based on a specific industry or reporting framework
  • Calculation of Accident Severity Rate (ASR), Accident Frequency Rate (AFR)

3. Safety Coverage.

  • Safety Measures taken to reduce identified H&S risks
  • Monitoring misconduct at the workplace (e.g. via CCTV reference)
  • Monitoring workplace equipment
  • Safety Certificates Record
  • Safety Policy and Procedures (PAP) Record

Turnkey’s Health & Safety Module streamlines reporting according to multiple frameworks and standards, including GRI, SDGs, OSHA, ISO 45001, UN PRI.

Live reporting and analytics enable companies to proactively monitor, report and evaluate their exposure to risk, increase transparency in relation to direct and indirect cost for the company based on Health & safety data and as a result improve employee wellness, save time, money and resources.

Image: Sample Health & Safety Dashboard Analytics.

To learn more about Turnkey’s Health & Safety Module, click here.


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