Problems We Solve

Reputational risk related to environmental
and social governance (ESG)

Compliance with stock exchange and
government mandates

Cost saving from environmental
based optimisation

Operational risk due to lack of data
transparency across the supply chain

What Our Clients Say

Problems We Solve

“Turnkey’s online modules are practical, easy to use and highly flexible. The Environmental Social Action Plan module for example; allows an investor and investee to update and report on all agreed actions online and have press button reporting. This enables our Clients cost-effective and efficient ESG risk management and reporting. This partnership allows us to integrate Turnkey’s various modules into an enhanced and cutting edge range of ESG risk advisory services to the financial sector and investors.”

CEO, Risk Advisory Consultancy
Problems We Solve

“Adding sensors or collecting data doesn’t make infrastructure or building smart, It’s always the ‘use case’, ‘what do we achieve with the data’, ‘measurable metrics’. IoT is not those 100’s of sensors, it is the new service or value that can be created.”

Director, Internet of Things Association
Problems We Solve

“We undertook a rigid due-diligence process in selecting our strategic partner for this important role and Turnkey ticked all the boxes for us. It is part of our organisation strategy to create lasting partnerships that can help support these industry leaders improve their reporting capabilities.“

The leading buyer-supplier forum representing 85% of global ocean container cargo
Problems We Solve

“Turnkey stood out as having the requisite industry experience in sustainability data management. Their system is straight-forward, easy to understand, simple to use and customised to our own operations. Turnkey has consistently delivered on time and to plan, and we continue to have a strong relationship with them“

Global Seafood Company
Problems We Solve

‘Turnkey Group provided an excellent insight and knowledge on industry requirements related to Logistics and the Supply Chain. This assisted us to make a positive decision related to a significant investment in a global logistics firm. We continue to see Turnkey as a valued due diligence partner in the field of supply chain and retail diligence’

Private Equity Fund Manager
Problems We Solve

“Turnkey is user-friendly both easy to use and reliable in capturing various types of emissions sources (energy, water, materials, waste, logistics etc).  It’s a vital tool for management and regulatory compliance reporting. The gap report and data validation are great features to facilitate administrators in monitoring data input across the organisations while ensuring data integrity. Allow users to document evidence for tracking and facilitate auditing. Turnkey is a modular design platform with high flexibility to meet the requirements of different business/industry sectors. Turnkey has a straight forward reporting module, users just pick and choose the data output according to their requirements.”

Supply Chain Manager, Listed Company Operating in 45 Countries
Problems We Solve

“Turnkey helped us to measure our carbon footprint and identify areas for improvement. Through successful energy-saving measures in our plants, we have already reduced scope 1 and scope 2 carbon emissions and associated costs by 3.6% and 7.2% in Year 1 and Year 2 respectively compared with the baseline. Our goal is to further reduce scope 1 & 2 carbon footprint by an additional 10% over the next few years”

Sustainability Director, Consumer Goods Manufacturer
Problems We Solve

“As one of the world’s largest Private Equity firms and a signatory to the UN PRI, we understand that ESG factors are critical to ensure the long-term success of our investments. To support this, Turnkey helps us to drive an ESG strategy into our portfolio accounts and achieve transparency of data across our client network. By using the Turnkey Software and Analytics, our clients are able to reduce their environmental impacts and associated operational cost, while strengthening their competitive advantage.”

Director of Compliance, Global Private Equity Firm
Problems We Solve

“Turnkey Group have supported our strategy to be a leader in offshore wind power in China and Asia. Turnkey carried out the full supply chain architecture and market entry requirements of our company, securing us significant cost savings and developing strong local supplier relationships to help our business operate efficiently.”

Leading Wind Power Company
Problems We Solve

“Turnkey is highly experienced in the logistics and supply chain sector. Their deep knowledge and expertise allow us to make positive enhancements in our operational practices.“

A Major British Multinational Retailer