Turnkey Group is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Endeavour Capital Limited

Turnkey Group is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Endeavour Capital Limited, a highly recognized advisory and business development company based in New Zealand, headed by Sir Neville Jordan.

Endeavour is highly focused on supporting sustainable practices through their global network, whilst maintaining a strong emphasis within the Australia and New Zealand marketplace. Endeavour has a strong sustainability culture, which complements the fast growing product analytics and sustainability modelling tools that have been developed by Turnkey Group.

“We can see there is a large gap in the market for affordable, high quality and scalable analytics products that can support companies tackle the increasingly important challenges of sustainability management.Turnkey offers a product that can help achieve savings, increase productivity, reduce supply chain risk and help companies grow their businesses. We believe that this product will create great value and support within our network and markets“ stated Sir Neville Jordan, CEO and Founder of Endeavour Capital Limited.

„Our model is to provide fast growing companies with significant operational, commercial and technical resources, in order to assist with international growth plans as well as development into the Oceania region. Our partnership with Turnkey will help establish higher quality analysis and transparency in the region using our combined resources and consultative expertise,“ mentioned Aldrin Thayalakal, Associate Partner at Endeavour Capital.

Turnkey Group has continued to expand in 2016 within the Asia market, increasing reach into the key South East Asian markets as well as China. Turnkey has also increased the system functionality to reach multiple industry verticals that need to meet the increasing demands of the Stock Exchange mandates in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

Apart from the compliance support being provided by Turnkey, the company has grown it’s network into some of the largest Global and Asian multinationals, providing Risk Analysis, triple bottom line assessments and the ability to track entire complex supply chains through the Turnkey Solutions system.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to expand into New Zealand, Australia and new markets through a strong and collaborative partnership with Endeavour Capital Limited” mentioned Tony Wines, CEO ofTurnkey Group. “Through this partnership we can offer a stronger product offering through Endeavour’s outreach, and support the growth of New Zealand and Australian based companies far more effectively. We see a stronger need for sustainability practices throughout region and we are pleased that Endeavour can support us in the growth of our products“

About Endeavour Capital Limited

Headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, and founded in 1999, Endeavour Capital is an international  equity and advisory company, led by an experienced team of investors, entrepreneurs and managers. Endeavour invests in innovative businesses that can demonstrate defensible IP, sustainable growth, and an exciting vision for the future. New Zealand has a lot to offer the world and our Partners have extensive experience to help drive global growth.

In addition to development capital, Endeavour provides the complete range of business advisory and consulting services to set a path for growth. Our offering ranges from high level reviews, strategic plans, governance strategies, and on-going management support through to assistance with IPOs, international expansion and capital raising.

Beyond the standard business model, Endeavour also pursues innovative ventures, here in New Zealand and around the world. Endeavour form global partnerships to connect enterprises across borders, cross-pollinating businesses in different markets, bringing new opportunities to the New Zealand ecosystem and helping local businesses find new channels to market.

About Turnkey Group

Turnkey Group, Headquartered in Hong Kong, and founded in 2006 As a professional services company, the company  has developed a unique and dynamic web-based network solution that monitors and measures an organisation’s key sustainability, social impact, and environmental data.

Measurement can be by office, outlet, warehouse, factory or transport mode and from any supply chain participant, internal or external. This allows the system to be highly scalable based on the SaaS modelling.

A simple, user friendly and affordable solution that helps organisations understand and manage their emissions, social impact, and carbon footprint across the supply chain in order to become a sustainable and low carbon business.

Turnkey supports in the creation of increased transparency, risk mitigation, operational efficiency, and improved accuracy and decision making. This process leads to recognizable achievements for companies in organizational cost saving.

Turnkey Group has rapidly grown it’s network, expanding to Singapore, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen and Seattle.

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