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Case Studies

Leading manufacturing company of sanitary paper products started working with Turnkey in 2016. Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability & Supply Chain Risk Platform was implemented in two manufacturing facilities.
Key Drivers of initiating Turnkey Platform

Investors Requirements on Sustainability Reporting

Cost Saving Opportunities based on Environmental Efficiency

Reputation and Branding

Optimal Valuation – Pre IPO or trade sale


  • Pressure from investors to quickly develop sustainability strategy, data collection and monitoring process
  • Working with unstractured, non-digitalised data
  • Process Optimisation to increase company vauation

Key Findings based on Turnkey Analytics

Factory intensity on energy was above standard. Detailed energy audit was undertaken to review and develop processes to reduce energy costs and emissions by 15% to 18%.

Intensity in one hub was running 20% higher per unit of floorspace compared to the rest of the operation. This insight allowed auditors to focus on the key areas where savings could be made.

Productivity of compressors and machinery could be improved by a further 15% on existing efficiency levels through revised maintenance and architectural support. This also resulted in cost savings of approximately 10% on energy.

Water wastage was high in one location. The KPIs allowed corrective action to be taken.

Financial Returns

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