Turnkey Solutions announces partnership with Greenware Ltd

Turnkey Solutions is pleased to announce a partnership with Greenware Ltd, a specialist provider of smart monitoring solutions that supports businesses in their environmental approach. This aligns with Turnkey’s main objective of providing organisations with solutions for sustainability data capture and reporting across their organisation and their network supply-chain partners.

Greenware brings a wealth of experience having worked with clients including Dunwell Group HK, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Veolia Environmental Services, and Vienna Hotel, Shenzhen. These projects offered a competitive advantage to customers by providing access to remote assets, improving efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

“The partnership offers a complementary element between Greenware Ltd’ energy monitoring hardware and Turnkey Solutions platform’s ability to provide transparent metrics,” said Tony Wines, CEO and Founder of Turnkey Solutions. “For our customers, this means better options to report and quantify data with higher levels of accuracy, as well as identify improvement opportunities in their sustainability footprint, leading to efficiency and cost saving opportunities”.

Nicolas Schmitt, CEO of Greenware Ltd. also notes “as process efficiency needs are ever growing, we welcome this collaborative partnership between Greenware Ltd and Turnkey Solution. This will give our customers the best of hardware and software to create the edge they need to be very competitive in their markets.”

Quantifiable data from Greenware Ltd’ metering applications can be directly fed into the Turnkey Solutions platform providing significant benefits from time- and cost-savings in data collection, identification of areas of concern across the supply chain, as well as compliance and quality assurance.

About Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions provide organisations and their network supply-chain partners with a unique and dynamic web-based platform that simply and affordably distils complex sustainability data.  We enable organisations to understand, measure and manage their carbon footprint across the supply-chain with robust visibility and powerful insights.

Please visit www.tksolution.net for more information about Turnkey Solutions.

Contact: Ian Catley, Business Development Director, Turnkey Solutions, ian@turnkeygroup.net

About Greenware Ltd

Greenware creates the anytime, anywhere link between you and your remote assets/installations to monitor, control and optimize their performance.Using industry proven hardware, Greenwarecollects measurements and asset status for analysis, alarming of events, automatic reporting and remote control.  By remotely monitoring their assets, operators reduce travel time and operation expenses, guarantee their equipment and processes are performing properly and quickly restore malfunctioning ones.

Examples of applications include:

  • Energy monitoring at any facility
  • Water/waste process monitoring (flow, levels, water/waste qualityetc.) – SCADA interface
  • Reefer monitoring (temperature, humidity, shock and geo location)
  • Fleet tracking
  • Base Transceiver Station (BTS) remote monitoring and control
  • Air mapping / IAQ monitoring

Please visit at www.greenware-technologies.com for more information about Greenware Ltd.

Contact: Jerome Laboulais, Business Development Manager, jlaboulais@greenware-technologies.com

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