Turnkey Group is a leading global professional services company.

Leveraging our “real world” experience in sustainability & risk management, supply chain optimisation and corporate due diligence, we support our customers with strategies that help them to transform and grow their business.

Our solutions include a highly regarded sustainability platform that helps companies to manage today’s key issues of risk, compliance and cost saving. Our specialised implementation and support services help our customers to achieve greatly improved visibility and insight into the challenges they face across all areas of their business.

Turnkey operates in multiple industry verticals, with a strong emphasis on companies with complex supply chains.

Sustainability & Risk Management

Turnkey Group provides organisations with a platform for sustainability data capture and reporting across their entire business. Insightful and accurate data helps to identify emerging issues, mitigate risk and drive change inside companies and across their supply chains. Turnkey supports companies to enhance transparency to Triple Bottom Line performance.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Turnkey Group has a team of highly experienced logistics industry experts with a proven track record of working within complex supply chains and diverse logistics environments. We have successfully assisted our customers to optimise and enhance their existing processes and implement leading-edge solutions that improve profitability and efficiency.

Business Intelligence

Turnkey Group supports companies to make informed, strategic decisions around M&A, Market Entry and Corporate Investment.

Turnkey Group Team

Tony Wines
CEO and Founder
Tony has established Turnkey Group in 2006 as a professional services company in logistics and supply chain industry. In 2014 he developed Turnkey Solutions, the leading sustainability tool in Asia, a fast-growing sustainability platform with a global network of users and sites. Tony has over 20 years experience in managing large regional and global networks, having held senior management roles within the Logistics, Supply Chain and Cloud Based Network solutions sectors.
Ian Catley
Partner and Director
Ian is a seasoned executive with over 30 years’ experience engaging with supply chain and logistics companies, focused on Business Development activities. Ian has wide experience of the issues faced by logistics centric organisations, both operational and technical and significant knowledge of B2B and eCommerce solutions. He has a proven track record of building highly profitable network solution companies from zero revenue to multi-million dollar growth.
Christopher Riley
Non-Executive Director
Christopher is a successful entrepreneur and international business leader. He is a founder of Sercura – a global auditing company that he successfully sold in 2012. Christopher is a major shareholder of Verisio, which audits factories and farms globally for ethical working conditions. He is strongly involved in area of social compliance, sustainability and software development.
Serena Li
Senior Project Manager
Serena has a lead role in Turnkey Solutions' product strategy, accounts management, and market expansion.  Serena augments the product's offerings through a strong knowledge base in market trends for sustainability reporting and regulations.  She holds a MSc in Environmental Policy and Management from Bristol University, England, and has received academic training in Canada and Hong Kong.  Serena is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  
David J. Pope
Associate Partner
David has broad experience in international supply chain/logistics business strategy, operations and software, working in diverse industries worldwide. Areas of expertise include strategic planning, strategic sourcing, supply chain operations, logistics systems implementation and organizational design. His 30+year career has spanned senior leadership positions within Fortune 500 Chemical companies, ocean carriers and a leading e-commerce provider in the international logistics market.
Ian Sehgal
A specialist in e-commerce and in creating and building highly profitable network solution companies into multi-million dollar growth companies. Based in Singapore and US/Canada he covers South Asia as well as North America.
Marta Bojarzynska
Marketing & Business Development Manager
Marta is a highly customer oriented professional with a strong business development and marketing background. She embodies “globalism” with her European background and rich executive experience in Asia. In her previous role, Marta has led a network of startup co-working spaces and developed its community to over 1000 entrepreneurs in 7 locations. She brings her expertise to support Turnkey’s marketing and new business development.
Justin Tam
Product Director
Justin is a seasoned international executive who has earned over 20 years of solid experience in IT Consulting and Business Transformation Management. He has graduated from the University of Waterloo, Canada and started his professional career working for Motorola and Hewlett Packard in US in mid 90s. Afterwards, he has worked in China and South East Asia and supported a range of multi-nationals on their business transformation and strategy planning. Justin is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
Aarushi Bahl
Aarushi joined the product team of Turnkey in August 2017. She comes from a strong sustainability background having worked with various environmental consultancies and NGOs. She mainly supports the team with product analysis and roll-outs as well as  key research initiatives in relation to sustainability trends in order to evaluate new opportunities in the market. Aarushi is fluent in English, Hindi and Spanish.
Mark Millar
Senior Advisor
Mark leverages over 30 years’ global business experience to provide knowledgeable insights and independent perspectives that help companies explore new business opportunities and better navigate the complex landscapes in Asia. Recognised as a well-respected and widely connected industry leader, Mark is the author of ‘Global Supply Chain Ecosystems’ - published by Kogan Page of London – which has sold in over 40 countries. He has been rewarded with several accolades including “Asia’s Top 50 Influencers in Supply Chain and Logistics” and in the USA “Pro’s to Know in Supply Chain 2016”.
Natalia Olson-Urtecho
Associate Partner
Natalia is a serial entrepreneur and served until recently as the Regional Administrator for the U.S. Small Business Administration, as Presidential Appointee in 2012-2017. She worked with local lenders and successful firms across the region, overseeing more than $34.2 billion in federal government contracts for goods and services purchased from local entrepreneurs. Natalia has more than 18 years of experience working with international, regional and local entities in Latin America, Central Europe and Asia. She was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to the U.S. Innovation Advisory Board.
Aldrin Thayalakal
Associate Partner
Aldrin has over 20 years experience in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking and Infrastructure Advisory with various institutions, working in the Middle East, India and UK. Aldrin migrated his investment experience into developing material 'Sustainability' risk opportunities for investors and decision makers. He holds a Masters in Economics and is a licensed FSA, CPA and CFA.
John Adams
John has extensive experience in Senior Executive roles within leading global container shipping and port terminal organisations. He has a deep knowledge of the Ocean sector and has operated in multiple, global locations. A facilitator, with an insight into varying cultures enabling effective management of high level business relationships.

Turnkey Group Partners

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