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26th November 2019

TURNKEY: Travel Module enhanced to measure impact of multi-leg flights


Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability Technology Platform’s Business Travel Module enabling companies to measure the carbon impact of their business travel has been enhanced to facilitate live use of multi-leg trip data enabling the measurement of the carbon impact of multi-destination flights.

Turnkey’s Business Travel Module calculates the carbon footprint of any type of flights – domestic, short, long haul and now multi-leg flights. Turnkey’s previous version of its Business Travel Module allows a user to input either a single or return trip following a ‘Origin Departure’ and ‘Origin Destination’ format with only one ‘via’ destination. Enhancements enable additional information that pertains to both Routing (i.e. more than one transit) and Airline-Specific Trip Class Code. This is in addition to accounting for the existing emissions calculation based on travel type, e.g. First Class, Business, Premium, and Economy Class.

The enhancement of Turnkey’s Business Travel Module facilitates an easier and more detailed data capture experience. In turn, results from this module can help highlight the operational costs and emissions associated with travelling as part of a Company’s decision-making and long-term operational sustainability strategy.

On top of that, Turnkey’s Business Travel Module technology link-up with Carbon Trade Exchange gives an opportunity to its clients to compensate for flight-related emissions by investing in high-quality carbon offset projects. These projects not only generate carbon offsets – but they also contribute to sustainable development in the communities and countries where they operate. Turnkey’s clients can buy (or trade) carbon credits that range from UNFCC CDM CER’s to voluntary, thus as required can meet voluntary and/or current or future compliance obligations. See more information here.

Apart from Business Travel Module, Turnkey’s Operational Sustainability Modules include a dedicated Logistics Module that measures the environmental impact of Road, Ocean and Air Freight.

Enhancements made to Turnkey’s Business Travel Module is one of several examples of Turnkey’s modularised technology development. Other examples would be the Maritime Module created specifically for Turnkey’s seafood industry clients.

Please find more information on Turnkey’s Modules here or contact us at enquire@turnkeygroup.net.

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