Sustainability & Risk Management

Sustainability Software designed to drive constant improvement

Turnkey Group provides advanced sustainability software and support services to manage environmental and social impact across companies and their supply chains. Our platform allows companies to collect, monitor and report on ESG data (Environmental, Social and Governance) in a transparent, consistent and comparative manner.


Advanced analytics and robust reporting tools provide full transparency of data across the entire business and create impactful reports for your stakeholders. Insightful and accurate data helps to identify emerging issues, mitigate risk and drive improvement inside companies and across their supply chains.

Problems We Solve

Reputational risk related to environmental
and social governance (ESG)

Compliance with stock exchange and
government mandates

Minimize manual workflow and errors in
data collection process

Cost saving from environmental
based optimisation

Operational risk due to lack of data
transparency across the supply chain

Provide accurate, verified data for
stakeholder reports

Building Sustainable Supply Chains

Sustainability Software – Modules


Electricity, Gas, Fuel


Consumption, Water Quality
and Water Recycled


Material, Detergent,
Refrigerant, Lubricant


Business Travel, Air Emission,


Ocean, Road, Air Freight


Labour, Issue management,
Human Rights

Sustainability Software – Key Features

Performance Tracking
and Risk Assessment

Identify business risk

Review inefficiencies by location

Improve efficiency through
data transparency

Highly Customizable
and Scalable

Suitable for multiple industries

Adaptable to local regulations

Configurable to client’s

Applicable Across Global
Supply Chain

Promotes Trading
Partner engagement

Supports “Big Data” collection

Builds on Industry Best Practice

Decision Support
and Dynamic Analytics

Intuitive dashboards and analytics

Benchmark suppliers

Identify cost saving opportunities

User Friendly
and Multilingual

Intuitive data entry


Multilingual desktop and support

Compliant with
Global ESG standards

GRI (G4 & Standards)

ISO 14001

The Planet Mark TM 

What Our Clients Say

Sustainability & Risk Management

“We undertook a rigid due-diligence process in selecting our strategic partner for this important role and Turnkey ticked all the boxes for us. It is part of Clean Cargo strategy to create lasting partnerships that can help support these industry leaders improve their reporting capabilities.“

Angie Farrag-Thibault
Associate Director, BSR Transport & Logistic Practice
Sustainability & Risk Management

“Turnkey stood out as having the requisite industry experience in sustainability data management. Their system is straight-forward, easy to understand, simple to use and customised to our own operations.Turnkey has consistently delivered on time and to plan, and we continue to have a strong relationship with them“

Geoff Walsh
Pacific Andes Group Director of Public Affairs and Communications
Sustainability & Risk Management

‘Turnkey Group provided an excellent insight and knowledge on industry requirements related to Logistics and the Supply Chain. This assisted us to make a positive decision related to a significant investment in a global logistics firm. We continue to see Turnkey as a valued due diligence partner in the field of supply chain and retail diligence’

Kyle Shaw
CEO of Shaw Kwei Partners, Private Equity Fund
Sustainability & Risk Management

‘Turnkey Group have supported our strategy to be a leader in offshore wind power in China and Asia. Turnkey carried out the full supply chain architecture and market entry requirements of our company, securing us significant cost savings and developing strong local supplier relationships to help our business operate efficiently.’

Army Pedersen
Head of Logistics at Siemens Wind Power
Sustainability & Risk Management

“Turnkey is highly experienced in the logistics and supply chain sector. Their deep knowledge and expertise allows us to make positive enhancements in our operational practices.“

Marks and Spencer
Regional Logistics Head

Case Studies

Pacific Andes chose Turnkey Solutions as their online sustainability platform to monitor and report Group activities.
Key Drivers of initiating Turnkey Platform


Data Analytics

Process Improvement

Sustainability Reporting


  • Finding a solution to meet the unique challenges of sustainable fishing
  • Requirement for a solution to manage operations in China, HK and South America
  • Fragmented nature of the seafood supply chain


Turnkey implemented a new marine module customised to Pacific Andes needs

Ensured transparency in sustainability data across 60 vessels and 20 processing plants worldwide

Provided a multi-lingual system, with regional support and training in Hong Kong, China and South America

Turnkey platform provided quantifiable data compliant with ISO 14001 and GRI G4


Significantly improved sustainability reporting at the group and subsidiary level

Captured industry specific data on sustainable fishing certifications

Achieved measurable cost saving and process improvement

Enhanced brand value and reputation

Ensured that fishing process is undertaken within industry quotas

Data and documentation stored in the platform is easily accessed by auditors

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Case Studies

Fung Group started working with Turnkey Group in June 2016. Our platform monitors data of over 3000 sites (offices, warehouses, stores, buildings) in 25 countries in Asia, Europe and USA. Our scope will expand to over 1000 suppliers in 2017.
Key Drivers of initiating Turnkey Platform

Scalability of a multisectoral portfolio

Process Optimization & Cost Savings

HKex Compliance

Predictive Planning


  • Scalability across 3000 sites gobally, platform implementation for over 300 users
  • Assistance and training across the group and their portfolio companies
  • Managing HKex ESG compliance


3 year sustainability plan with energy, waste and costs reduction targets

Monitoring big data on fuel, electricity, water and waste internally and in portfolio companies

Evaluating “carbon intensity” and cost savings

Global data consolidation and reporting to stock exchange, stakeholders


Strengthened sustainability structure internally and across portfolio accounts

Transparency of portfolio companies perfomance from different industries (Retail, Fashion, F&B)

Complex analytics throughout the supply chain

Hong Kong Exchange compatible data using global standards (GRI4)

Optimized valuation and risk mitigation

Cost savings generated from energy and water consumption decrease

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Case Studies

Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) is the leading global initiative dedicated to environmental performance improvement in marine container transport. CCWG members represents over 80% of global ocean container cargo.
Key Drivers to implement Turnkey Platform

Ambitious carbon reduction goals

Process optimisation

Highly scalable solution with enhanced analytics and reporting features

Comprehensive logistics sector expertise

Some of the world’s largest companies trust the Turnkey Platform


Clean Cargo Working Group


  • Handling key sustainability data of 3000+ vessels
  • Measuring CO2+SOx+NOx emissions from 24 trade lanes
  • Platform customisation to ocean sector needs
  • Scaling up sustainability services inc. software, training and supply chain optimisation


Benchmarking functionality that allows shippers to compare emissions across suppliers

Reports and score-sheets to evaluate each carrier and benchmark against peer avarages

Online reporting system with detailed performance analytics

Emission analytics of 24 trade lanes

Annual reporting to shippers and 3-PLs

Data Validation and consolidation


8.4% reduction in CO2 emissions per container per km within year 2015

29% reduction in CO2 since 2009

Enhanced and user-friendly experience offering increased productivity

Reductions in fuel and water consumption, both from a CO2 and cost perspective

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Case Studies

Circle K Asia is a retailer operating a total of about 450 stores in Hong Kong, Macau and China.
Key Drivers of initiating Turnkey Platform

Cost Savings & Process Optimisation



Environmental and Social Impact


  • Reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Reduction of material waste and food waste


Data capture and monitoring over 450 locations

Energy (Electricity, Fuel, Gas) and Water data management

Management of food waste by weight

Carbon footprint monitor of stores and service delivery

Introduction of social impact monitors (impact on training vs staff turnover)

Intensity reporting (store size, number of employees, etc.)


Significant man hour savings in data collection

Easier data consolidation, increased data accuracy and transparency in the system

Food waste and emissions reduction

Ability to strategically review and implement cost saving opportunities

Compliance with Hong Kong Stock Exchange and international standards (GRI4, CDP)

Introduction of new sustainability standards that drive process improvement

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Case Studies

Leading global private equity firm turned to Turnkey in January 2016 when their investors required data on ESG reporting within their portfolio account network.
Key Drivers of initiating Turnkey Platform


Investment Risk & Reputation

Optimal Valuation

Analytics of diversified portfolio accounts performance – Market Intelligence


  • Ensure transparency on sustainability performance within portfolio accounts network
  • Transparency to potential brand risk
  • Improving sustainability impact of portfolio companies and their supply chain
  • Managing ESG regulatory and Limited Partners (LPs) compliance requirements


Embed sustainability practices and detailed analytics throughout all client portfolio

Utilise Turnkey platform to provide transparency to all portfolio accounts

Provide quantifiable and compliant information to their LPs on portfolio performance

Use verified data to support strategic improvements to company performance


Using the Turnkey Platform, the PE firm has built an increasingly strong sustainability infrastructure which enables them to increase the valuation of their clients

Strenghten reputation as an ethical investor and minimize investment risk

PE’s portfolio clients drive cost savings and process improvement

Incorporation of big data allows an evaluation of sustainability trends in multiple market sectors

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Case Studies

Trinity Group retails high-end menswear in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Europe. Trinity operates over 300 stores and manages five international fashion brands.
Key Drivers of initiating Turnkey Platform

Strengthen Valuation

Risk Mitigation

Cost Optimization

Branding & Compliance


  • Define energy reduction opportunities
  • Challenge in data management related to frequent store turnover and location changes
  • Reduce negative impact on environment and society
  • Improving emission and water reductions at factories


Data capture and monitoring over 300 locations including stores, factories and offices

Standardisation in data capture and calculations

Monitor of Energy Data (Electricity, Fuel, Gas) and Water consumption

Material and refrigerant consumption record

Track performance and comparison across consumption, emissions and costs

Social impact monitors (labour, turnover, training standards)


Easy identification of any unusual variations that supports strategic improvements

Risk mitigation in legal, operational and reputational aspects

Strenghtened company valuation and branding

Cost optimization

Compliance to the HKEX sustainability reporting requirements

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