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Tailored insights designed to drive performance and mitigate risk.

Turnkey Group supports companies to make informed, strategic decisions around Operational Efficiency, Asia Market Entry and M&A. Our experienced team of consultants and network of partners offers extensive support in Due Diligence (technical and operational), Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementMarket Landscape and Risk Mitigation strategies.

Problems We Solve

Mitigating risk within Asian market entry

Maximising value of investments and
business development activities

Ongoing support of business growth

Alleviating exposure in the due
diligence process

Solutions We Offer

New Market Entry

Focused on expansion into China, SE Asia and Europe

Overview of legislative requirements and market trends

Representation of overseas brands in the Asian market

Identifying potential investment opportunities and partners

Due Diligence for Logistics and Supply Chain Sector

Operational and Technical Due Diligence

Benchmarking investment targets against competition

Due diligence of the companies ESG credentials

Review and analysis of M&A opportunities

Logistics Management Consulting

Operational and Technical Logistics Management

Map and enhance complex global supply chains and internal operations

Pinpoint cost savings within the network and operations

Execution Support

Training in Logistics and Supply Chain management

Managing the process from business plan to execution

What Our Clients Say

Professional Services

“We undertook a rigid due-diligence process in selecting our strategic partner for this important role and Turnkey ticked all the boxes for us. It is part of Clean Cargo strategy to create lasting partnerships that can help support these industry leaders improve their reporting capabilities.“

Angie Farrag-Thibault
Associate Director, BSR Transport & Logistic Practice
Professional Services

“Turnkey stood out as having the requisite industry experience in sustainability data management. Their system is straight-forward, easy to understand, simple to use and customised to our own operations.Turnkey has consistently delivered on time and to plan, and we continue to have a strong relationship with them“

Geoff Walsh
Pacific Andes Group Director of Public Affairs and Communications
Professional Services

‘Turnkey Group provided an excellent insight and knowledge on industry requirements related to Logistics and the Supply Chain. This assisted us to make a positive decision related to a significant investment in a global logistics firm. We continue to see Turnkey as a valued due diligence partner in the field of supply chain and retail diligence’

Kyle Shaw
CEO of Shaw Kwei Partners, Private Equity Fund
Professional Services

‘Turnkey Group have supported our strategy to be a leader in offshore wind power in China and Asia. Turnkey carried out the full supply chain architecture and market entry requirements of our company, securing us significant cost savings and developing strong local supplier relationships to help our business operate efficiently.’

Army Pedersen
Head of Logistics at Siemens Wind Power
Professional Services

“Turnkey is highly experienced in the logistics and supply chain sector. Their deep knowledge and expertise allows us to make positive enhancements in our operational practices.“

Marks and Spencer
Regional Logistics Head

Case Studies

Shaw Kwei & Partners have used Turnkey Group for multiple assessments on Investment and M&A opportunities in the Logistics and Supply Chain Sector
Key Benefits of partnering with Turnkey Group

Business Intelligence

Reduce Risk

Understand Client Value

Strategic Execution


  • Ability to highlight investment potential of the new prospects
  • Identifying experts to undertake detailed due diligence in supply chain sector
  • Reviewing full potential of clients in the due diligence process


Provision of strong business intelligence data

Highlight the investment potential through knowledgable research of client

In house support to execute cooperate business plan

Benchmarking industry best practicises versus client capability


Enhanced knowledge of the investment opportunities

Provision of KPIs and Business Intelligence that mitigate the investment risk

Highlighting new opportunities that can enhance long term valuation of the client

Ability to refine best practices and optimize value at the investment phase

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Feel free to drop us a line regarding any enquiry on our services and products.

Get In Touch

Feel free to drop us a line regarding any enquiry on our services and products.