Sustainable Finance

ESG Platform to maximise value of your investments

Turnkey Group supports investors and private equity firms by measuring and reporting sustainability KPIs of their portfolio clients in a consistent and transparent manner. We provide an advanced ESG platform and analytic tools that allows investors to track and compare performance of their portfolio accounts and for those companies to monitor their internal ESG data and identify cost-saving opportunitiesTurnkey Group has expertise working with global private equity firms and their diversified network of portfolio companies from multiple industry sectors.

Problems We Solve

ESG Risk Management. Benchmarking diverse portfolio accounts.

Showcase clear link between ESG and financial benefits.

Making sustainability reports more relevant for investors.

Transparency of sustainability impact across businesses

Standardization of reporting across entire portfolio of clients

Maximizing value of investments through ESG credentials



ESG in Finance – Connected Parties


Solutions We Offer

ESG Platform

Standardised and cost-effective ESG data collection, monitoring and reporting solution. See more details here.

Advanced Analytics

Driving strategic improvements and LP/GP reporting requirements. ESG Risk Management.


Benchmarking diverse portfolio accounts against industry best practice. Due diligence of companies ESG credentials

Sustainability Certification

International certification recognising commitment to carbon mitigation.

Supporting Evidence

Carbon Credits, Carbon Rebates, Green Bonds Financing, Sustainability Bonds


Industry Standards Compliance

UNPRI, GRI, FTSE4Good, Nasdaq, Hang Seng Sustainability Index, etc.

What Our Clients Say

Sustainable Finance

“We undertook a rigid due-diligence process in selecting our strategic partner for this important role and Turnkey ticked all the boxes for us. It is part of Clean Cargo strategy to create lasting partnerships that can help support these industry leaders improve their reporting capabilities.“

Angie Farrag-Thibault
Associate Director, BSR Transport & Logistic Practice
Sustainable Finance

“Turnkey stood out as having the requisite industry experience in sustainability data management. Their system is straight-forward, easy to understand, simple to use and customised to our own operations.Turnkey has consistently delivered on time and to plan, and we continue to have a strong relationship with them“

Geoff Walsh
Pacific Andes Group Director of Public Affairs and Communications
Sustainable Finance

‘Turnkey Group provided an excellent insight and knowledge on industry requirements related to Logistics and the Supply Chain. This assisted us to make a positive decision related to a significant investment in a global logistics firm. We continue to see Turnkey as a valued due diligence partner in the field of supply chain and retail diligence’

Kyle Shaw
CEO of Shaw Kwei Partners, Private Equity Fund
Sustainable Finance

‘Turnkey Group have supported our strategy to be a leader in offshore wind power in China and Asia. Turnkey carried out the full supply chain architecture and market entry requirements of our company, securing us significant cost savings and developing strong local supplier relationships to help our business operate efficiently.’

Army Pedersen
Head of Logistics at Siemens Wind Power
Sustainable Finance

“Turnkey is highly experienced in the logistics and supply chain sector. Their deep knowledge and expertise allows us to make positive enhancements in our operational practices.“

Marks and Spencer
Regional Logistics Head

Case Studies

Siemens Wind Power contracted Turnkey Group to manage their supply chain in Asia as a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP).
Key Benefits of partnering with Turnkey Group

Cost Savings

Business Intelligence


Strategic Execution

Effective Market Entry


  • Manage complex supply chain requirements in Asia
  • Understanding local regulations, business practices and operating requirements in China and emerging economies
  • Establishing a LLP to architect an optimal supply chain, using both local and international suppliers
  • To find a “neutral” partner who could support a long term project


Created a supply chain architecture that incorporated multiple local providers resulting in significant cost savings

Provided key advisory services that allowed Siemens to overcome key challenges:
– Water and route surveys, port and vessel inspection, warehousing, quality inspections, port management, logistics of out of gauge cargo

Management of activities in China, Hong Kong and South East Asia with agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA)


Turnkey created cost savings of over 7 Million USD in first year of operation

Transformation of operational efficiency by using improved supply chain management practices

Incorporated specialist local providers that saved cost and improved operational practices

Ensured that Siemens Wind Power acted in compliance with local regulations

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Case Studies

Marks and Spencer trained on Logistics and Supply Chain best practices by Turnkey Group
Key Reasons to use Turnkey Group

Strong Expertise

Practical Learning

Best Practice knowledge

Understanding of latest trends


  • Understanding the latest regulatory issues
  • Efficient use of INCOTERMS to structure a supply chain and save logistics costs
  • Realising the complex logistics structures of the new tiger economies
  • Handling new developments incl. SOLAS and reporting of environmental impacts


Specialised operations training by Turnkey logistics experts

Best practice education from highly expertised practitioners

Using real live examples of how to improve logistics practices

Interactive workshops of logistics and supply chain optimization


Strengthened knowledge of global trends in logistics

Clearer understanding of the customs regulations and new regulatory requirements

Awareness on how best practice methods can improve margins and reduce cost

Business process optimisation leading to cost saving practises

Improved productivity and process optimisation

Market Intelligence support highlighting supply chain risk

Get In Touch

Feel free to drop us a line regarding any enquiry on our services and products.

Get In Touch

Feel free to drop us a line regarding any enquiry on our services and products.