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Fung Group started working with Turnkey Group in June 2016. Our platform monitors data of over 2000 sites (offices, warehouses, stores, buildings) in 45 countries in Asia, Europe and USA.
Key Drivers of initiating Turnkey Platform

Scalability of a multisectoral portfolio

Process Optimization & Cost Savings

HKex Compliance

Predictive Planning


  • Scalability across 2000 sites globally, platform implementation for over 200 users
  • Assistance and training across the group and their portfolio companies
  • Managing HKex ESG compliance


3 year sustainability plan with energy, waste and costs reduction targets

Monitoring big data on fuel, electricity, water and waste internally and in portfolio companies

Evaluating “carbon intensity” and cost savings

Global data consolidation and reporting to stock exchange, stakeholders


Strengthened sustainability structure internally and across portfolio accounts

Transparency of portfolio companies perfomance from different industries (Retail, Fashion, F&B)

Complex analytics throughout the supply chain

Hong Kong Exchange compatible data using global standards (GRI4)

Optimized valuation and risk mitigation

Cost savings generated from energy and water consumption decrease

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