5 June 2018: Turnkey Group’s CEO, Tony Wines was selected to speak at the United Nations Headquarters in New York during the Multistakeholder Forum on Science Technology and Innovation (STI Forum) for the SDGs.

This special event has been convened annually since 2016 to discuss science, technology and innovation cooperation around thematic areas for the implementation of the SDGs. The STI Forum supports emerging technologies that have a significant impact on human well-being and sustainability around the world. Tony Wines, Founder of Turnkey Group was honored to take part … Continued

Pacific Risk Advisors Ltd and Turnkey Group announce a new strategic ESG Risk Advisory and Reporting partnership.

Pacific Risk Advisors Ltd (PRA) and Turnkey Group, have both entered a new strategic partnership which will enable both companies to offer a complete ESG Advisory and Reporting solution to their new and existing customers. This new partnership can now provide complete investment lifecycle ESG Advisory services from initial review, data capture services, through to planning and … Continued

Turnkey Group expands footprint into the DACH Region

Turnkey Group is pleased to announce expansion into the DACH region through our partnership with Science to Market (S2M), a Berlin based technology consulting company. S2M has a high-level network of experts in the fields of science, business and politics. They work closely with their customers to bring knowledge and technology into a business application, … Continued

Benefits of using analytical data for ESG reporting and sustainability strategy. How to use analytical data to benefit your company?

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” is an old management adage that is still accurate today. With a clearly established metric for success, you can quantify progress and adjust your process to produce the desired outcome. The same rule applies to sustainability and ESG reporting. In this article, we will advice how to use … Continued

How to benefit from Sustainability – The Key Reasons to invest in sustainability and become a leading brand

The Financial sector is becoming a strategic driver to force companies to take bigger actions on their environmental and social footprint. The CEO of the world’s largest asset manager – Blackrock, recently spoke out to advise companies that measuring sustainability impact is no longer optional if you look to remain competitive. “The stock price of a … Continued

How to benefit from ESG factors – guide for investors and their portfolio accounts. Tackling issues of implementing ESG across diversified portfolio.

Financial sector is becoming a strategic driver to force companies to take bigger actions on their environmental and social footprint. CEO of world’s largest asset manager – Blackrock, tells companies that measuring impact is no longer optional. If BlackRock does what it says it’s going to do  – the stock price of a business will depend, … Continued

The SME’s guide to benefitting from sustainability

As big corporations move forward with sustainability initiatives to save energy, improve efficiency and build sustainable supply chains, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are following suit. They no longer dismiss sustainability as merely good intentions, but as a key business driver and strategic differentiator for brands.  Increasingly SMEs are trying to establish stronger standards surrounding … Continued

Key Drivers of Sustainability – Role of Stakeholders and Business Drivers

The increase in climate change awareness and necessity to differentiate is compelling companies to transition away from the more traditional ‘business-as-usual’ operations to encompass sustainability along the supply chain as part of their corporate strategy. What are the main drivers for companies to push the sustainability agenda to play a crucial role across their entire … Continued

Investment in ESG expected to double over next two years

Institutional investors plan to double investment in environmental, social and governance (ESG) driven strategies over the next two years, according to research by BNP Paribas. The survey, “ESG – What’s next for asset owners and managers”, found that 79% of institutional investors currently incorporate ESG into their business plans either in how they invest as … Continued

Planet first strikes deal with Turnkey Group to deliver the Planet Mark™ sustainability certification in Asia

Planet First, the creator and custodian of The Planet Mark™ sustainability certification, has struck a deal with Turnkey Group – global sustainability platform provider. Under the new partnership, Turnkey Group, a global sustainability platform and professional services company headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in the UK, Denmark, Spain, Seattle and Singapore, will offer The … Continued