5 June 2018: Turnkey Group’s CEO, Tony Wines was selected to speak at the United Nations Headquarters in New York during the Multistakeholder Forum on Science Technology and Innovation (STI Forum) for the SDGs.

This special event has been convened annually since 2016 to discuss science, technology and innovation cooperation around thematic areas for the implementation of the SDGs. The STI Forum supports emerging technologies that have a significant impact on human well-being and sustainability around the world.

Tony Wines, Founder of Turnkey Group was honored to take part in the discussion and share his views on the importance of data analytics, innovation and technology in achieving the fast growing SDGs framework.

“Companies need to look at quantifiable data and allow this to be measured and adopted into the SDG framework. To achieve this, they need detailed analytical data, supported through environmental, social and governance reporting. We strongly believe that organisations that are driving SDGs from a data and technology perspective will benefit from a significant financial upside.” said Tony.

Photo Credit: Cynthia A. Phillips, CEO, The Disruptive Factory


Whilst the SDGs framework is strongly targeting the 2030 goals, recognition that there remains a disconnect between the targets and qualified big data on the performance of organizations, suppliers, cities, and complex supply chains is evident. The conference focused on methods to use technology and qualified analytics to support a quicker adoption of information to mitigate the issues of climate change and to enhance the increasing importance of diversity and inclusion.

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