Sustainability Software

Leading Sustainability Software to control entire environmental
and social impact of your business and supply chain.

Sustainability Software

Sustainability Software to fuel financial growth
and mitigate risk across your business and investors portfolio.

Sustainability Software

Listed by UN PRI as a leading software provider for investors to
track ESG data of their portfolio and drive valuation.

Make Sustainability a Profit Generator for your Business

Turnkey Group provides an advanced sustainability software to help companies and their supply chains manage environmental and social impact, ensure compliance, mitigate risk and improve profitability.

Key Software Features:

  Single solution to monitor all key sustainability KPIs including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. Read more.

  Easy and cost-effective data collection and reporting process to minimise manual workload and errors.

  Scalable solutions capable to monitor data of thousands of sites.

  Intuitive dashboard, robust reporting and benchmarking functionalities.

  Dynamic analytics to spot inefficiencies and drive profitability.

  Designed for multiple industries and investors to monitor impact of their portfolio.

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Significant cost savings achieved based on our current case studies.

“As one of the world’s largest Private Equity firms and a signatory to the UN PRI, we understand that ESG factors are critical to ensure the long-term success of our investments. To support this, Turnkey helps us to drive an ESG strategy into our portfolio accounts and achieve transparency of data across our client network. By using the Turnkey Software and Analytics, our clients are able to reduce their environmental impacts and associated operational cost, while strengthening their competitive advantage.”

Director of Compliance, Global Private Equity Firm

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